Thursday, March 6, 2014

Soul Cycle

Yesterday was a good day. And often times with weight loss, one good day leads to the next, and then the next.

Harper napped for 3 hours, so I was able to wash bottles, do 30 minutes on the treadmill, take a fish oil pill, and make myself a healthy lunch. For lunch I had a salad with spinach, ground turkey, feta cheese and walnuts. I'm really trying to eat a lot of spinach for the iron. I feel so much better physically and emotionally when I do these things!

And here is how I blog these days - one handed typing.

On a whim, I decided I really wanted to try Soul Cycle. It was their grand opening in our city.  It has been about 5-6 months since I have been to a spin class. I made it though the class, but I definitely was not turning up the resistance every time the instructor said to.

I really enjoyed Soul Cycle. The instructor was so energetic and in shape. It was motivating. They kept the room dark and the music was really motivating. They get huge points for playing Coldplay's "Fix You". That song totally has meditative qualities for me. I can see myself going to a class here or there in the future, but I can't afford to make it part of my routine - it's $30 per class for a drop-in and only a few dollars cheaper if you buy a bunch of classes. 

After Soul Cycle I picked up a nice dinner for Ed and I. We both had salmon with spinach, asparagus, and sweet potatoes.

This morning, we're off to our first Mom and Baby yoga class!