Monday, May 26, 2014


I haven't worked out as much as I usually do, but I did have a good run yesterday. I finished Week 4 Day 3 of Couch to 5k and was able to add an extra 3 minute and 5 minute interval. Here is my training goal for the week:

Monday - C25k
Tuesday - mom & baby yoga, circuit training at night
Wednesday - C25k and strength training
Thursday - Spin
Friday - C25k
Saturday - Spin

The good news is that I have stuck to my goal of going back to my original diet for 2 weeks. Tomorrow will be day 14. Once the two weeks are over, not much is going to change, I'm just going to allow a greater variety of snacks, and 2 treats per week. I think I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, and that is without much exercise.

Harper is really into blowing raspberries these days - it's her preferred way of conversing. This morning when she woke up, she started doing them in her crib right away. It's like she was excited to wake up and remember the new skill she learned. She also got a high chair and front-facing stroller. She's much happier because she wants to see the world. Walmart was fascinating to her.

And here's Harper doing some Ab exercises and the Happy Baby yoga pose.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love this, and needed to read this today

Day 2 = Success

I'm very tired from being on my own with Harper this week. Thankfully, Ed is back. I was able to get Week 3 Day 2 of my Couch 2 5k done, but I cancelled my circuit training class. Just too tired.

I got the eating right today though. 12 more days to go!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A commitment to myself

My workouts have been great for 2+ weeks now. Unfortunately though, my eating has not been as clean as it can be. My eating is not as bad as it used to be when I was 300lbs. I'm not eating things like bagels, muffins, ice cream or pizza. However, my body really cannot handle what a normal body can. When I eat things like wheat wraps and goldfish crackers, I don't lose weight. I'm on Prednisone and also stopped my thyroid medicine, per my doctor, and both of these make the weight issue an uphill battle.

I'm putting in the effort and training so hard to be ready for 12/13/14, so now it's also time to ensure I start losing weight. I'm going back to the original diet for 2 weeks - the diet that started my whole weight loss success. I've started this and stopped it within the first few days a few times recently, so the point of this post is to hold myself accountable.

I already prepared my salad for lunch today so that I can grab it and eat it with one hand. I'm going to have to "pack" my lunches ahead of time. Yesterday's lunch ended up being goldfish crackers, raisins, and Brazil nuts. Things I could grab one-handed because Harper's in a stage where she will NOT be put down in the crib. Baby anger is a real thing - that girl can scream

Dinner tonight will be ground turkey with vegetables. The challenge is going to be tomorrow. Day 2 always kills me. Tomorrow I plan to post pictures of all of my meals, so that I don't give up.

Also, things are looking up. I have some promising opportunities on the horizon. Hopefully 1 of the 3 will work out! I really like this quote below. I've been through a lot this year - losing my job, losing my Dad, and having a baby. The hard times have made me stronger and a more compassionate person - so there is some good to come out of it.

I WILL be back tomorrow to post pictures of the food on the diet. If not, I will have some explaining to myself to do. I want to do awesome in this half marathon!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Step by Step, Day by Day

Every day I'm focusing on my goal. So far my C25k days are non-negotiable. I go to the gym and I knock those runs out. I noticed that the key to getting to the gym (especially because I have to go at night during the week) is as follows:

1. Convince myself *just* to change into my gym clothes and put my sneakers on.
2. Then, convince myself *just* to go to the gym to stretch.
3. Then, convince myself *just* to get on the treadmill to walk.
4. Then, convince myself *just* to do the 5 minute power walk to warm up.

After steps 1-4 I'm finally ready do the run, focusing on one interval at a time. And then after - I always feel great. This is so true:

This morning I went to a bootcamp class. Monday morning bootcamp is going to be a great way to start my week out on the right track. Since having Harper, it is now a huge treat to be able to get my workout in early in the day. You get to feel good all day after a hard workout. Also, I am making today a double workout and still going to circuit training tonight. 

I've made awesome progress on the workout front in the past week, since setting a real goal for myself. My ultimate goal is running 13.1 miles, and carrying less weight is going to make that easier. 

Next up, I need to focus on cleaning up my eating, again. Lunch today is going to be huge spinach and turkey salad. Dinner is going to be salmon and broccoli. The only snacks allowed are peppers and guacamole and Cheerios. Later today Harper and I will walk to Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. We did this as a family yesterday and it was a gorgeous spring day.

Harper is currently talking to herself. I can hear her through the monitor. She has the cutest baby girl voice. It's so soft and sweet. I also absolutely love Harper's laugh. It kind of sounds like a cough, but it's so hearty and pure!