Monday, February 18, 2013

Goals for the week

This is a tough one because I'm not sure what my long term fitness goals are. For so long I have focused on losing weight - working out as hard as I can while eating a little as possible (while still being healthy obviously). But increasing strength and endurance while eating less is not sustainable long term. So what are my goals? Weight loss? Long distance running? Gaining Strength? Crossfit Open? I don't yet have an answer. Sometimes, I wait until the question answers itself.

There are 3 more weeks of the Paleo challenge at Crossfit. I'm very tempted to give up, since I've been less than perfect. However, 3 weeks is still enough time to meet my final weight goal. Since I'm still recovering from the flu, so I am going to focus on my eating this week, above my workouts.

Tonight - prepare for the week by boiling eggs for breakfast, and cooking meat, pack for business trip

Tomorrow - Crossfit at night

High Bar Back Squat
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
For Time
500 M Row
50 Burpees
500 M Row

Wednesday - Run 400m x 6 and personal training in morning, Go to Wholefoods on way to airport, Crossfit Memphis at night

Thursday - business meeting and flying home, will have to be a rest day

Friday -  Run 800m x 3 and personal training in morning

Saturday - Crossfit

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