Sunday, February 24, 2013

Goals for the week

So how did I do last week? Pretty poorly. I was going to recap why, but it doesn't matter. Last week is in the books. I get a fresh start this week. The whole secret to weight loss is learning how to get yourself back on track after a rough day or a rough week.

Moving forward -

Ed went grocery shopping while I worked today. I'm loaded up on lots of fresh fruit and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Salad, turkey, apples and walnuts for lunch. Peppers and guacamole for afternoon snacks, and ground turkey for dinner. I won't eat the same thing every day, but that is my meal structure for the week.

This is not all of our food, pictured above. We usually shop a few times a week.

I'm going to focus on my workouts this week, since I'm not leaving town!

Monday - run 400m x 6, personal training in the morning. Crossfit at night.
Tuesday - Crossfit at night
Wednesday -  Crossfit at night
Thursday - run 1 mile x 3 in the morning. Yoga at night.
Friday - Crossfit at night
Saturday - Crossfit

Oh, and my big news? I signed up for the Crossfit opens. One competitive workout for five weeks. While I haven't put enough time into Crossfit to be truly competitive or even prepared, I know that the competition aspect will help me push harder and give me something to be passionate about.

What are your goals for the week?

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