Monday, May 5, 2014

Step by Step, Day by Day

Every day I'm focusing on my goal. So far my C25k days are non-negotiable. I go to the gym and I knock those runs out. I noticed that the key to getting to the gym (especially because I have to go at night during the week) is as follows:

1. Convince myself *just* to change into my gym clothes and put my sneakers on.
2. Then, convince myself *just* to go to the gym to stretch.
3. Then, convince myself *just* to get on the treadmill to walk.
4. Then, convince myself *just* to do the 5 minute power walk to warm up.

After steps 1-4 I'm finally ready do the run, focusing on one interval at a time. And then after - I always feel great. This is so true:

This morning I went to a bootcamp class. Monday morning bootcamp is going to be a great way to start my week out on the right track. Since having Harper, it is now a huge treat to be able to get my workout in early in the day. You get to feel good all day after a hard workout. Also, I am making today a double workout and still going to circuit training tonight. 

I've made awesome progress on the workout front in the past week, since setting a real goal for myself. My ultimate goal is running 13.1 miles, and carrying less weight is going to make that easier. 

Next up, I need to focus on cleaning up my eating, again. Lunch today is going to be huge spinach and turkey salad. Dinner is going to be salmon and broccoli. The only snacks allowed are peppers and guacamole and Cheerios. Later today Harper and I will walk to Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. We did this as a family yesterday and it was a gorgeous spring day.

Harper is currently talking to herself. I can hear her through the monitor. She has the cutest baby girl voice. It's so soft and sweet. I also absolutely love Harper's laugh. It kind of sounds like a cough, but it's so hearty and pure!

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