Sunday, May 12, 2013

Touring Dallas

Last Saturday, we spent the day touring Dallas. First Ed took a tour of Cowboy Stadium. He had to do something offensive, since we are Patriots fans.

Next we stopped in an area called West Village for an outdoor lunch and a little shopping. It was a gorgeous day.


After lunch and coffee, we went to the Sixth Floor Museum. The Museum chronicles the shooting of JFK and is located in the school book warehouse were the guns shots were fired from. In fact, you can see the exact window (second highest floor, all the way to the right). If you look on the road, in the middle lane, towards the bottom of these pictures, there is an X exactly where JFK's car was at the time.


The exhibits in the museum are well put together, and very moving. Ed and I were both captivated by seeing pictures and videos from that day, and it was chilling to listen to the breaking news radio announcements to the country.

Next, we headed back to White Rock Lake, the park I enjoyed so much earlier in the week.  I had mentioned to Ed how much I wanted to make it all the way around without stopping. The lake is 9 miles around. I've run 9 miles before, but it had been 8 weeks since the last time.  At mile 3 I was ready to turn back - which would have ended in 6 miles. Ed convinced me at that point that the extra 3 wouldn't be that bad. So glad I went for it! I felt amazing (and really sore) afterwards.

Isn't runner's high amazing? Everything just seems so beautiful after a great run.

After dropping off the rental car and checking into a hotel by the airport, Ed and I had a nice dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse. We both had steak and a sweet potato. Perfect for after the long run.

Since our flight was at 7am we were back in Boston by noon the next day.

It was slightly depressing knowing that I was leaving again on Tuesday. I had to unpack so I could re-pack for Detroit.

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