Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Working out in Dallas

On Sunday afternoon, I flew out to Dallas. It was a beautiful day in Boston.

I watched Silver Linings Playbook on the flight. It was definitely a cute and interesting movie. Soon we were landing.

I sure do love takeoff and landing shots. I think it's because the act of going somewhere far and new gets me really excited.

We arrived at the hotel before 5pm so I decided to check out the hotel gym. I ended up doing 30 minutes of cardio. It was okay but the air in the gym was stale and it was hard to stay in there long, even though there were nice pool views.

On Monday, I was in training for work all day. After training, I headed to the local Crossfit box, Crossfit Strong. Everyone was so welcoming, it was amazing. I really felt at home. What I love about Crossfit is it involves working out with other people, which helps me get more intense in my workouts. I never would get the same intensity on my own. I mean really, I don't want the Crossfitters in Dallas to think us New Englanders are weak. And oh my, what a hard workout it was.
DeadLift (185/115)
Box Jumps (24/20)
Front Squat (35/20)
1 round(s) for Time 

I definitely had to scale the deadlifts down to 85lbs and I used 15lb dumbbells for the front squats. I wanted to ease back into everything because I really have not done much Crossfit since my heal injury.

After Crossfit, my coworker joined me and we went for some Texas BBQ.

On Tuesday after training, I wanted to go back to Crossfit but I also wanted to see the city. My coworker and I decided to check out a local park called White Rock Lake.

We ran for about 3 miles, with a few short walk breaks. I'm not used to running in the Dallas heat, that is for sure. 3 miles is by far my longest since my heel injury, and my heel feels fine right now! After running seemed to lose it's appeal, we walked for another 1.5 miles because it was just too gorgeous not to keep going.

The sun started setting, and it was just so serene. Perfect temperature, perfect breeze, perfect summer smells.

I love that I have changed my life. I love that my favorite way to meet people in a new city is to go to Crossfit and that my favorite way sight-see in a new city, is to go for a run in the local park. This is why the hard work at the beginning of a weight loss journey is worth it - because being active allows you to experience more of life than you otherwise could.

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