Thursday, February 20, 2014

It feels so good!

It's been quite the adjustment getting used to taking care of the baby. A good night's sleep is a thing of past. Her eating and sleeping patterns are completely unpredictable, which the doctor says is normal at this age. She can go 4 hours between a feeding but then want to eat every hour for four hours in a row. We'll have a great night (6 hours of sleep) and then an awful night where she cries all night long. Last night was the latter, and we we concerned something was wrong. Hearing her cry for more than a few minutes stresses me out, especially when I feel like I can't fix for her what is wrong.

She cried enough last night that we were concerned enough to go to the doctor today to have her weight and diaper rash checked. She is doing great and has gained 1.4 pounds since birth! And the crying all night is because she was likely still hungry. The doctor said to just feed her more until she stops complaining.

On top of the new baby responsibilities, I'm also working on some career related stuff that had me out of the house a couple of times this week. So, right now there is no way that I could find time to go to the gym. There's getting ready and driving there on top of actual workout time. While I used to love going to the gym for the social aspect, having a treadmill is at home is great right now. Tonight I even wore my pajamas for my workout as opposed to workout clothes.

It's a far cry from the 9 mile runs I used to be capable of, but hey, I had a baby less than 3 weeks ago. I haven't had a workout comparable to this in probably almost 2 months. And guess what? It felt amazing! Tonight I actually broke a small sweat and felt my heart rate get up there. Even this, which was just walking, helps reduce stress.

Tonight was also Harper's first real bath and first time meeting big brother Jaxson up close and personal. These are the fun parts of parenting so far!

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