Saturday, April 26, 2014

I found my motivation!

I was standing at the sink washing the baby's bottles, and it hit me all of sudden - "I want to run a half marathon". I've never felt so sure about something. It was kind of strange how quickly this idea came out of nowhere and how definitive it felt, but I have always loved setting goals that feel out of my reach. If the goal is not challenging enough, if doesn't excite me.

I was already really hoping to go to Florida with the family next winter, so I decided to find a half marathon there. Nothing will feel better than vacationing after running a half marathon. So, almost exactly a year after having Harper, I'll be running the Key West Half Marathon. I signed up today. Ed and Harper are going to run the 5k too.

This means that every day, from now until then, I will have to be focused on my goal. There is a lot of work to do! There are 266 days until I need to be able to run 13 miles! 

To be successful, I'm going to need to work consistently, starting now. I'll have to be focused in my training. I'll also have to be good with eating, because the real key to success will be dropping the baby weight. It's going to be hard work for sure, but I'm already visualizing how I'll feel crossing the finish line. Nothing could make me happier than feeling my best again.

Recently I've been good with my eating, except for a few days around Easter. There was Easter candy, plus I was on very high doses of Prednisone, which is an awful awful drug. Here are some recent healthy food pictures.

Also, life as Mommy just keeps getting better. Harper is no long a little infant, she's an alert baby who wants to see the world! She's trying to sit up by doing these mini crunches - all of the time. Yesterday we went for an hour long walk. It was gorgeous out, and we found a new park in walking distance.

So today is my first day to start my training with my new goal in mind. I'm going to go to the gym since it's rainy here. 

Lastly, my new goal is to post workouts I have done here, as opposed to what I am going to do. I often post ideas here, and never report on the workouts I actually do. 

Here's to January 18, 2015!!

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