Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life right now

Friday would have been my Dad's 73rd birthday. I still feel his presence everyday, so there's that. But man do I wish we could have had just a little more time together and that he could meet Harper.

On Friday I took Harper for a 1.5 hour walk and then I went to work. At night we had a small family celebration in his honor. We even invited the dogs.

In happier news, I am really adjusting to and loving life as a mother. Harper's smiling, cooing, holding her head up, and just generally really into seeing the world around her. It's so fun (besides the long periods of crying and not taking naps)!

She loves her play mat and batting at the toys. However, in the past week, it's gotten a bit boring for her! She's more interested in walls and windows!

With the spring weather, we've been able to go on some nice, long walks. I even started walking up Heartbreak Hill recently to make it a bit more of a workout for me.

She loves the book 8 Silly Monkeys. She laughs every time we read it to her. She even grins ear to ear if she sees the book from a distance. Daddy calls them Naughty Monkeys.

She also really likes the book "Where are Baby's Easter Eggs". Yesterday for the first time she was reaching out and touching the colorful, shiny Easter Eggs on the last page.

She also really loves music. She loves the music on her play mat and bouncy seat, and she loves when I play music from my iPhone. Sometimes I play fiddling music for her, and sometimes we listen to KidSongs. For a while, her favorite song was "If you're Happy and You Know It". She'd smile every time, but as I'm learning, things get old quickly and it takes something new to make her laugh.

Last Thursday she had her 2 month check-up. She got 2 shots. I was heart wrenching hearing her scream afterwards. She weighed 12.5 lbs and was 23.5 inches. That's 80th % for height and 72nd % for weight. She does LOVE her bottles.

As for how I'm doing, the whole weight loss thing is harder than I thought it would be! Even doing everything "right" I'm not really losing right now. I go to 3-4 one hour circuit training classes per week and walk a few hours per week. While I could be doing more, life is different now that I have a baby. My plan is to just keep on going and hopefully increase what I'm doing as I can. I want to be as healthy as I can be for Harper's sake. I'm trying to remember the saying "9 months to gain the weight, 9 months to lose the weight".

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