Saturday, April 19, 2014

Screw you autoimmune disease

I'm sitting here for a second day in a row, getting another IV. The blind spot in my eye was enlarged again and tests showed inflammation and one additional lesion. At least this is in my already bad eye and my right eye is totally fine right now. I have to come back on Easter morning too. The drug they give me, Prednisone, causes weight gain and bloating - and sometimes it makes me super cranky.

Anyway, I have this legs and arms workout in my head. I'm hoping to do it today if I'm feeling well enough.

20 min stairmill
Back squats 50# 3x12
100 jumping lunges
Leg press 180# 3x10
10 min spin - 2 min climb x 2
Push-ups 3x12
Bicep curls 15# 3x10
Tricep dips 3x20
Shoulder press machine 55# 3x12
Rows (machine) 3x12
Arc trainer - 5 minutes

And a few pictures of my little love. Last week was a big week for her (10 weeks). She rolled over 3x from tummy to back and started laughing. She loves when I hold her in front of a mirror and kiss her cheek.

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