Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back on My Game

Anxiety and Pity.  These two feelings/emotions sum up how I was feeling at the beginning of the week, due to my new injury.

I didn't know what exercise I was going to be able to do with a fractured heel spur. I was worried about being confined to the couch for 6 weeks. I also felt sorry for myself. Everyone in the world was talking about the Crossfit Open workout 13.1 and I had also just gotten excited about working out with a new group. I saw runners practicing along the Boston Marathon route which is right around the corner from our house. I saw Shamrock Shuffle 5k pictures and posts on Facebook. March is my favorite time to run outside, when the hint of Spring is in the air. I was sad that I can't do or enjoy any of these things this Spring because of a stupid jump.

I was also struggling with food and sugar a bit this week. It was my first full week off the 60 day Paleo challenge, so technically speaking, no food was off limits. Sometimes I have to realize over and over again, that sugar is truly addictive to me. We had a St. Patrick's Day potluck at work. My coworkers made all sorts of wonderful, creative, green treats. Once I had a taste of one pastry, it turned into three large servings of dessert. While moderation works so well for some, it usually does not work for me. What I should have done is altogether avoid going into the party room to see all the desserts.

I have lost 160 pounds, but I still cannot control myself when there are multiple servings of free dessert - like at a party. Something that I have learned about myself is that most of the time my success in "dieting" at a party is all or nothing. If I start eating, I cannot stop. I find it better to share a dessert at a restaurant with Ed or to go out for ice cream where you control the size/serving that you order, and when it's gone it is gone. That's why when I'm on my game, I don't eat or drink much at parties.

My routine was feeling very disrupted to say the least.

You know what the only thing that helped me feel like myself again was? A good, sweaty workout, which I finally accomplished on Thursday morning. With they okay from my doctor to bike if I didn't feel any pain, I went into the empty spin room at the gym and pushed myself through intervals until my quads were absolutely burning and I was drenched in sweat.


And since then, I'm back in the game. I know I'm going to be okay and I'm as determined as ever. And changing my routine back to spinning has actually been pretty easy. At one point in my weight loss journey I was spinning 3-4 times a week. On Saturday morning I walked into my old spin class, and my favorite teacher was so happy to see me back! I was glad to be back. I felt great all day after the class on Saturday. I can't really remember the last time I did 55 minutes of non-stop heart-pounding cardio. Well, actually I do. It was when I did Murph at Crossfit on Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we went to a Bruins game. I wanted to do something that would make Ed happy, since he had been extra sweet the week before. For example, the flight attendant and pilot got quiet a chuckle when I got off the plane from Florida in a t-shirt. It was snowing and 20 degrees in Boston that night. I had a long sleeve shirt somewhere in my suitcase but decided to dash to the car in my t-shirt. What is 30 seconds of being cold? But Ed was waiting on the other side of security and gave me his coat immediately. I didn't even know that he had parked and come into the airport to meet me. This was at 9 o'clock at night too. Deserving of a Bruins game, right?

The Bruins wore their St. Patrick's Day uniforms for practice before the game. I enjoyed the game, although my favorite sport to watch is definitely football.

I was worried about the food there. I knew I would want some wine and then M&Ms or popcorn. But after the St. Patrick's day party there was no room for any indulgences. I was happily surprised at the healthy options available. We had roast beef and fruit for lunch.


I also used my old trick of drinking coffee at sports games in lieu of alcohol. It has worked for me at Patriots games (hot coffee) and Red Sox games (iced coffee). This saves a ton of calories and also helps me keep my willpower strong against all of concessions. When I drink alcohol my inhibitions go by the wayside and I always end up eating whatever I want!


After the game we went to Barnes and Nobles. I wanted a book about the food industry. I was thinking a lot about how inundated we are with junk food. Sometimes I feel like every single place I have to go, I have to turn up junk food, which is still very hard for me. And people are making big money off of selling all of this unhealthy stuff. I found exactly what I was looking for. So far I am 94 pages into this book, and it is fascinating! I actually feel really motivated to start trying to make a difference in the area of food education, so stay tuned for more posts on this topic.

Well, it's time to go take the husky outside for a bit, even though I can't give him an actual walk. He really knows how to make me feel like a guilty puppy-mom. Here he is admiring the beautiful day that it is outside while I blog.

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