Saturday, March 2, 2013


I tend to go through waves or phases in my journey to maintain my weight loss. When I'm focused on my eating, I tend to workout less, or less intensely. When I'm making huge gains in my strength, I tend to feel extra hungry and cave more easily to cravings for treats - and that's okay. I try really hard to listen to my body, rather than fighting it.

The past 45 days or so I have been focused on my eating and the Paleo challenge I'm participating in. I did less 2-a-day workouts and averaged 2 rest days per week. I also had some weeks were I took 4 days off in a row (the flu is also to blame for this, twice).

I think I'm entering a new phase now though. This week was a great workout week. I have a renewed sense of energy in my workouts. I'm not sure where it came from, but I'll take it!

On Sunday night I went to a tabata class. My heart rate stayed pretty high the whole hour, and my abs were sore for 2 days afterwards. I ran twice, once before personal training, and once outside during lunch. I finally made it back to yoga and went to Crossfit 3 times.

I killed each of my workouts at Crossfit this week. One workout inluded box jumps, rowing, and handstand push-ups. I was able to push to the point where I felt nauseous and maintain that pace for the 12 minutes. 

In Thursday's workout, I got a new PR and cleaned 95#s. The WOD was only 6 minutes and 48 seconds, but I've never been so tired in my life. It was a sprint. 3 rounds of 15 power cleans and 15 burpees, for time. I collapsed on the floor for a good 2 minutes, unable to move, after I finished that one. It's amazing how you can gain more from an intense 7 minute workout than an hour of steady-state cardio. I love the feeling after Crossfit - I always feel like I achieved something.

My eating was good for most of the week. Here are a couple of my favorite healthy meals from the week.

Friday night, I was so tired. I caved and had two glasses of wine. And then I wanted birthday cake to celebrate my mom's birthday. Even though my Paleo challenge goes another week, I've mentally checked out. I'm tired of denying myself things that I want. Not a good reason to quit a week early, but it's where I'm at.

Today it was 40 degrees and not raining. We took the dogs for a walk on the beach! It was so nice to be outside and to get some fresh air! March is the best time of year. We have all spring, summer, and fall to look forward to.

Jaxson managed to get loose. His leash slipped out of my hand. Luckily he ran right into the ocean instead of taking off (he's Siberian, he does not feel cold, ever). I chased him into the freezing Atlantic, fearing he'd go too far. I had no idea, but my boots were waterproof and my feet remained dry. It was a close call though.

Now I'm resting, but hoping to do something fun later today. It's a real treat for me to have both days off this weekend, and not have any work to do. I love being on such a relaxed schedule. I should get a workout in today since yesterday was a rest day, but if it doesn't happen, that's okay too. I'm looking forward to going back to the tabata class tomorrow.

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