Saturday, March 23, 2013

Travel Highlights of 2012

Today was kind of a bummer. I woke up and my foot hurt more than it has since I broke it. I must have over-done it at the gym yesterday. I was only lifting weights, but I guess I put too much weight on the foot. I decided not to go to spin this morning, even though I really wanted to.

I'm just focusing on maintaining my weight with the added burden of an injury. I'm doing this by mostly spinning and working out with my trainer. Today I will try swimming, since spin was out of the question this morning. I am also getting back on track with my eating. The biggest change I have noticed since going off Paleo is that I'm so much less alert when I wake up in the morning. I miss waking up with energy, so I've been focusing on meals with vegetables and protein, and have been saying no to bread.

Because I'm sad that my foot hurts again (I thought I was getting better) and because I'm just not feeling any weight loss topics today, I decided to do a picture recap of highlights from 2012 - an awesome year in retrospect! I'm still waiting for 2013 to get awesome. So far it has included the flu twice (once while in Aruba), a car accident, and a broken foot.

We went to Bora Bora in February. Highlights included 2 hour breakfasts sipping coffee and reading the newspaper. We also enjoyed open water swimming with sharks! I always like to do something that scares me on vacation - something that gets me way out of my comfort zone. Looking a shark straight in the eye certainly was an adrenaline rush.


I went to Las Vegas for work in April, and Ed and I took a long weekend to explore. The shows and food were amazing. I could have spent another few days whittling away money in the slot machines and stores by day and sipping cocktails by night for sure.

In October, we went to Nashville for the first Patriot's game. If you are ever in Nashville, you, must take the Redneck Tour. It was the funniest thing I have ever experienced. We had one night to bar hop on Broadway St. Each bar had live country music acts, and every band and singer we saw were of professional recording artist quality - it was like going to 10 concerts in one night. I really started enjoying country music on this trip and still listen to a song or two from the trip from time to time.


And we took family on a trip for the memory books in October. We visited Italy, Turkey, Greece, and France. I will never, ever forget this awesome trip. It wasn't touring that sights that makes this trip so memorable - it was the long dinners with family, sunsets, and wine!

We started in Rome, and then went to the island of Capri, were my great-grandparents were from.

We took a bus to the top of Europe's largest volcano, Mt. Etna, while listening to stories about how it was due to erupt any day now (it did erupt this month!).

We visited ancient cities and took lots of pictures.

We went to Ephesus in Turkey, and imagined what life would be like if we'd been born in the year 614.

We spent a wonderful day on Santorini. One of the most beautiful islands ever.

And ended our trip with a day in Paris. It happened to be the perfect fall day. Sunny, crisp, fresh air

I'd love to plan a trip right now, but where the heck can one go with a broken foot? I like to be very active on vacation so I can have a few extra glasses of wine, or some of the local specialties. I have no interest in sitting on a beach all day right now, especially after being so sick in Aruba. So, I guess we'll just keep waiting for Spring to arrive!


  1. Wish I was looking at the sunset onto the Greek Isles while drinking wine right now!

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