Saturday, March 9, 2013

The good and the bad of my week

Well, the week started off well. Monday at lunchtime I took a break from work, and went outside to run near my work. I experimented with a new route, and came across this baby.

That is one nasty hill. And I ran it 3 times, no stopping. I was a bad mood, but tackling this baby, plus the invigorating fresh air, cheered me right up.

That night I went to Crossfit and tackled this monster:

8 Rounds
30 seconds on
10 seconds off (transition)

Box Jumps
Wall Balls
Kettlebell Swings

Everyone was laying on the ground after this one. I also was eating clean again so I was feeling great.

Wednesday, I was off to Florida. Boston was dreary, like it is 95% of the time in winter.

So Thursday morning's sunny run was a huge treat. It was probably 55 degrees and sunny. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect for running. The air was fresh and crisp. And the sun! It was so nice to see the sun. And the green grass. No snow, no brown patches. All of these thing are such a novelty to a Bostonian in early March.

While I was running, Ed sent me a picture of the snow/rain they were getting in Boston.


So I sent him these pictures back.

Next up was my big sales meeting. I presented well, but had some problems with the wifi in the conference room that really stressed me out and left me to improvise in front of all of the big decision makers. I had to keep talking to myself, reminding myself not to stress about something that is out of my control.
And then Friday night...We had a nice dinner out and everything was great! And then klutzy me tried to jump over a puddle. It was probably about a 3 foot puddle between the street and sidewalk. I yelled "Hey Ed, watch this!" I took a running start and leaped over the puddle. Would have been great, but I landed on my heel and was instantly in pain. I could barely walk and I had to crawl up the stairs to get to our bedroom. This morning I went to the doctor's and learned that I fractured a bone spur on my heel.

So most likely no running for 4-6 weeks. I will know more after I see an orthopedist next week. I will have to get back into spinning and maybe give swimming another try. Last summer I strained my hamstring and couldn't run or do high impact exercises either, and I managed to maintain my weight just fine. I'm not worried about weight gain, but I'm majorly bummed about not being able pursue some exciting new workout opportunities I had planned.

I guess I will be posting about workouts that don't require you to put weight on one foot for a while.

And here is Ted, enjoying the morning sun from his cat condo.

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