Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting back on track

This weekend was hands down one of the hardest of my life. My uncle passed away suddenly. Maybe when I can get my thoughts and emotions together enough, I will write something that does justice to what an amazing uncle he was.

But tonight I did go through Facebook and look at all the pictures he left comments on. Every time I read his comments they make me laugh. He was the funniest person I know.

Out of the blue, he posted this picture of me.

His caption: " this is my loving niece lauren we had such great hopes for her ,sadly though she turned out to be...yeah you guessed it a redsox fan.we think she went to the dark side right around the time she married...we don't even like to say his name just this once ed.even if we had apicture we wouldn't put it up! haha".

And then he commented on this picture.

Comment: " maybe ed could remove the trash from a top his noggin other than that a nice looking couple."

So how did I cope with my grief? I hate to say it, but with food - or abuse of food to be more specific. I ate cookies, chocolate, a brownie, macaroni and cheese, and doritos yesterday. It was not good. I told Ed last night that I was very worried about it - since this kind of overeating happened a few times since my Paleo challenge ended. He reminded me that I am a changed person, and not the out-of-control sugar addict I felt like last night. He promised to help me get back on track today, which he did. I had a healthy omelet for breakfast. A salad from the Wholefoods salad bar for lunch, and apple and a handful of nuts for snacks, and salmon and vegetables for dinner.

I spent some time this evening prepping food to make sure I have healthy options to grab all week. I cooked some spaghetti squash.


And I cut up some peppers to dip in guacamole and hummus. This will make a great work snack, since I need to be extra careful to stay away from the candy jars this week.


I bought some fresh asparagus at Wholefoods and chopped that up.


Then I sauteed the asparagus along with broccoli, mushrooms, and one large sweet potato. In addition olive oil, I used garlic powder, minced onion, oregano, and salt to season. It came out delicious. I like adding the sweet potato because it brings a nice contrast in taste and texture to the mix.


There is one thing lately that made me crack a smile... We had to bring the dogs to "overnight camp", and Jaxson wanted to ride on my mom's lap - just like he did when he was a puppy.

Then and now.  

It doesn't work so well now that he weighs 75lbs. Also, note the innocent baby look he had back then, as compared to the rebellious teenager look he has now.

Anyway, now it is time to start the week. I have meetings all day Monday and Tuesday, and then I am going to Florida on Wednesda y for a sales meeting. Down on Wednesday, back on Thursday = exhausting.This meeting is also going to require a lot of preparation, which I'm not sure how or when I will get it done. Happy almost Monday!