Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guess what I did?

Yesterday and today...I ran. Okay, well really more like jogged. But, I'm "running" again! Only for 5 minutes, which is when I start to feel the slightest twinge in my foot. Not pain, just a sensation. I'm being really careful not to over-do it, but I am at the 6 week mark of when I broke the bone, so I can start seeing what the heel can handle!

This morning was a gorgeous spring morning, so I grabbed the slower of the two dogs to be my running buddy.

Ed and Jaxson came with us, but ran so fast that we lost them and didn't know which way they turned. Oh well, Mario and I do not appreciate running snobs anyway!

This weekend has definitely been the best part of the week. What a rough week it has been!

Monday was the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. Such a scary, horrible day. I knew 4 people running the marathon, and numerous coworkers were down in the city watching the race. Cell phones were down, so it took hours to find out if everyone was okay. That day I was even worried about Ed getting home from work safely because at first they tied an unrelated fire at the JFK library to the bombings.

On Tuesday night, I had to stay late at work, but I still managed to get a good workout in on my own, using the rower. See how red my face is?

Then on Wednesday I had my wisdom teeth out. I was terrified of the laughing gas and anesthesia. Turns out that was the easy part - the recovery has been the worst. Its now day 5, and it still hurts and I can barely eat solid food.

On Friday morning I was awoken around 2am by sirens and helicopters. The chase for the bombing suspects was in full force one town over. My town was placed on lock down, and I pretty freaked out, so we stayed in and watched the search on TV all day. All businesses in my town, including my office, were closed. It was surreal seeing places we frequently go on TV inundated with hundreds of cops, FBI, SWAT teams, and special forces and seeing the Best Buy parking lot turned into a "staging" area.

I felt overwhelmed watching the showing of law enforcement work to protect us. And all of the departments did an amazing job. It was certainly a relief when they caught the second suspect. I'm ready for things to go back to normal, as much as they can, given that there are victims who have a long recovery and are without legs, and given that 4 innocent people lost their lives. I hope that this coming week is uneventful and that the healing continues for all.

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