Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! Our office provided us all flowers that say "Happy Spring! Thank you for your continued efforts!" The color definitely adds some cheer to my office.

It's been gorgeous out for the past few days. I wanted to go for a run so badly, but didn't because I want my heel to heal...heel to heal - get it? Speaking of heels and healing, I go back to the doctor today for a check-up. It's only been 3 weeks, so I doubt I'll be cleared for anything new, but maybe I'll get some confirmation that I'm not doing anything that will make it worse.

This past weekend we went out in Boston for a nice dinner. I wasn't a huge fan of the restaurant we chose, but it was still a fun time.

The weekend before, we went to Connecticut to see my Dad. I hadn't seen him since Christmas. One of the main reasons is that all of the travel for work left me incapable of doing anything that required any effort (physical or mental) on the weekends following the trips.

I used Yelp to find a restaurant near Yale. We choose Prime 16 and I can't wait to go to CT again, so I can go here again. Their burger menu was amazing. There were probably at least 20 kinds. I ended up going with the salmon burger, but also really wanted to try the Maui burger with pineapple. When ever I get burgers at a restaurant, I always, ever single time, get it with no bread and side of salad instead of the french fries.

After, we celebrated by Dad's birthday. My mom brought the classic age candles. Except she got his age wrong. He is really going to be 72, but she had purchased a 7 and a 1. It was really funny watching my parents argue over how old my Dad is turning! Finally, they compromised and decided to put 17 on the cake, since "that is a better age anyway". I decided against having any cake, because I'm not a huge fan of grocery store cake.

Lately, I have been on and off eating well - ups and downs, highs and lows. I will go a few days of eating clean and then completely fall of the wagon. Most recently, my office hid Easter Eggs around the office. Just the sugar from a little candy in the egg, left me craving more sugar so badly, I caved to a Panera cookie with 500 or 600 calories that was sitting around the office and more chocolate from the office candy dish. Since the Paleo challenge ended, I have gone off track pretty badly (multiple meals or desserts in a row) on more occasions than normal. Needless to say, I was pretty upset with myself. By Easter, I reigned myself back in and passed up all of the Easter candy I received. I really need to work on keeping things from getting out of control! I'm thinking no more diets, and just getting back to an 80/20 routine that will work for me, long term.

Besides the bad days I just described, there has been healthy eating too. This is a winning salad combination - spinach, turkey, goat cheese, apples and almonds. A bit light on the vegetables, but so delicious.

Lots of fruit!

And lots of salmon. This is salmon salad from Wholefoods. It's completely Paleo, and so amazing. I've actually been into eating salmon for breakfast lately.

At least I have been making it to the gym for personal training and spinning pretty regularly. I've also been swimming twice recently, and boy is it humbling. One lap up and down the pool and I'm completely winded!

Here is a picture of the sunrise I took from my front yard on the way to the gym one morning. It made me remember the times when I used to sleep in every morning instead of going to the gym. I love my new current lifestyle, and never want to go back to the old one. This is so much more fulfilling.

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